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Spa for Kids

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Spa mobile party

Being pampered in the spa is quite a treat. Everyone enjoys the birthday party spa and also enjoys refreshing beverages and snacks. The birthday girl and her friends will have a ton of fun ideas for spa birthday parties.

Spa party mobile

Let your daughter know that they’re here for a fun night. They receive their invitation by choosing a card that fits the theme. The personalizing messaging across the party will leave your daughter feeling extra special.

Spa party bus

Color is the most important part of the party. You can choose an eye-catching color and pictures for girls. You can choose refreshing green with white, energetic pink and blue, etc.

Kids mobile spa

When you choosing your decoration, you can use beautiful pink and blue colors, you can also mix and match colors of plates, cups, cutlery.

You can also choose traditional decoration items like balloons, hanging decors, etc. also add honeycombs and lanterns as they give a cute experience.

Set up different stations for different nail polish, footbath, facemask, or any other activity you want to include. You can also make a creative sign to identify these activities.

Mobile kid spa

No spa party is completed without snacks. Indulge your little girl’s love of sweets with a selection of sugary, sweet, slaty or juicy desserts. Choose easy to pick and eat snacks. You can choose pretty cupcakes with eye-catching toping, you can also choose pizza for this party.

There are a lot of other options like mini eclairs, chocolate cover strawberries, cucumber sandwiches, ice cream bars, fruit salad, etc.

Mobile spa for kids

Pedicure is an easy way to pamper your guest, and the items needed in this are easily available in the local market. You need a dishpan, towels and some sugar scrubs, etc.

Manicures, you can also do treatment with sugar salt scrub. You can add bonus nail paints. Have some different colors of nail polish and use some nail art. The kids will love them.

You can easily make a facemask for kids with natural materials.

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